Stone and Silicon: Theatrical monologue


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“My house is not quiet, I am not loud ;
But for us God fashioned our fate together.
I am the swifter, at times the stronger,
My house more enduring, longer to last.
At times I rest; my dwelling still runs;
Within it I lodge as long as I live.
Should we two be severed, my death is sure”
(Riddle n° 85 from the Exeter Book)

The monologue/soliloquy is, essentially, about self-consciousness, self-awareness. About the acknowledgment of the self and of its dualistic component. An individual growth leading, just by virtue of this acknowledgment, to its expanding and booming. Individual growth that takes place into one’s self, by identifying all the components, especially the negative ones, acquiring skills to rule them. Components which show beauty and individual skills, in their totality…

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