EMPTY QUARTER, the heredity of the sand


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. . .This place has been like this for millions of years. . . I’m walking on sand and rock’s grains that have certainly seen the steps of people lived here thousands of years ago. . . without leaving traces?. . . . . .Serenity is a fluid substance, just like water. And just like water, if it’s contained, it takes the same form of the container, locked up, stagnant and useless. Waiting for someone to pour it, . . . just like water in the desert . . . therefore, if left free, serenity it acts like the sea, it expands, levelling out and skimming everywhere. . . “Empty Quarter”, is the name given to a desert of the Arabic peninsula, the extent of which corresponds roughly to one quarter of the entire peninsula. A zone in which, so it seems, at least up to recent studies, there appears to be no language ever detected, not spoken nor written. A very desolate place, however, some form of life may have existed. In any case, such a desolate environment could only be for those who don’t have eyes to see, or, better still, to grasp the invisible. . .

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