Short explications of Symbology( from Dictionary of Symbols-Jean chevalier, edited by Rizzoli, and personal interpretations)
1 –Snow:the indistinct
2- LABIRINTH: here happens the struggle between the two natures of the human being: transformation of the Ego
3-swing: “ship bringing to heaven” according to the Brahmans; the rhythm of the swing represent that of the Time
4-Bird: represent the spiritual levels,the upper levels of the Being,symbol of the relationship between Earth and Heaven
5-Bow/arrow/string Bow=between many meanings, its also an instrument of expulsion of evil; string=symbol of ascension; arrow= directed upwards is bound to symbols of verticality, liberation from material conditions
6-lightning:is explosive energy, creation of something coming from nowhere
7-watch without hands: it means ..Time is uncatchable
8-Rainbow:this symbol is a bridge between Heaven and Earth
9-Ship/ sea: Ship=symbol of Travel sea= symbol of dynamic of life…all comes from the sea, and all will come back there
10-fish: symbol of birth and cyclic renovation
11-jinn: this term, often translated as genius, goblin or elf, is in the preislamic and in muslim religion an overnatural entity , medium between spiritual world and humanity, mostly malignant,but sometimes protective and good. In the Arabic world a person crazy, fool, is said “ kidnapped by jinn”
12 sphere: same symbolism of the circle, representing Heaven, heavenly environment
13-4 elements: here means quaternary order of the Nature, the steps of the human life
14 Bicycle: its equilibrium is due to the forward movement,exactly like in the interior and exterior evolution of life. This movement is given by our individual effort
15-dance/music/ sufi: Dance brings to lighting, and could have also spiritual application,..the Derwiscian cyclic road brings them to the Central Unit , and elevate them toward God
16-Ear:symbol of growth, expansion of all the possibilities of the Being
17 – Beer:connected to the symbol of the alchemical fermentation ( curiosity: in Arabic the term “ birr” means do good, charity
18-Mountain /climb: mountain participates to the symbolism of transcendence
19-cube: the material world
20-shadow:its symbolism is bound to all sources of fertility, material rain,prophetic revelations ,theophanies
21- Flight: expresses will of sublimation , search of interior Harmony,overcoming of conflicts
22-Desert: the initial lack of differentiation, superficial and sterile extension, under which Reality is to be searched
23-bread: symbol of essential food
24-sugar: here associated to the symbol of honey: wisdom, spiritual nourishment, protection and pacification
25-arch/ door: place of transition between two states, two worlds,between known and unknown
26 Nemesis: goddess of vengeance, divine justice

“Alchemy is the art of transmuting metals to obtain gold. Obviously it is not a chemical reaction but a symbolic operation. The alchemical symbolism is situated on a cosmological plane: the two phases of coagulation and solution correspond to those of the universal rhythm. It represents, Alchemy, the human evolution from where the state of matter predominates that of the spiritual state.”
​​​​​​Suddenly, for some, time stops. We arrive at a stall. The flow of time can become suspended to assume then a contracted extension, of breath no-breath, diastolic. Facing a mirror, ten seconds can be enough to savour one’s own individual introspective ability…If you are able recognize my ardour, to feel my passion even when I no longer exist, then you will be definitively, and I will be definitively.

It’s curious the fact that we, in the imaginary collective, accord to God, a masculine figure. Couldn’t it instead be the contrary? Could it not be woman? And also in the words Mother, mamma (in Italian), أم (um, in Arabic), мать (in Russian), मां (mah, in indi), matka (in Polish), אמא (ima ‘, in Hebrew), 母亲 (mutziin, in Chinese), mor (in Norwegian), omm (in Maltese), …, it would seem to be recurrent, the morpheme sound formed by the consonant “m” with its various vowels, and which would recall, by assonance, the Oṁ, Óm and Aum (ॐ) of the primordial sound, that who gave origin to creation.

I have always had a problem with memory, that is, not being able to memorize texts in a comprehensive manner, nor, more importantly, orations. Probably, as in my case, also a deficiency relating to a lack of concentration: in listening to a lesson I often let myself be taken, or to say more accurately, be deviated, by a thousand thoughts, and often these thoughts are (apparently?) deviating from what the subject matter of the lesson is; I link different thoughts to different thoughts, in short a detrimental “labyrinth” of non-memory. That’s why the professor would always accused me of having “few ideas that are well confused”!

Recently, however, I have been fine-tuning, directly testing, a technique of “dynamic” memorization. I named it so, though I don’t know if this relates to some technique already in use, maybe there is a similar one.

The technique of which I speak,  that of dynamic memorization, consists of mental auto-construction, whilst listening to a dialogue,  the creation of vivid imagery, “dynamic”,  and manifestly (which is obvious!) entirely pertinent to what one is listening to; that is, as if we were creating, instantaneously, a film on the subject. Scenes that reconstruct the theme, the facts, in one single episode. All in one’s mind: I will listen, just to give a particular example, to the phrase that says “according to Einstein, the force of gravity has the effect of bending space and time”, I construct in the mind “a film (a short film!) “where I imagine something heavy, a boulder (gravitational force), which pushes down a floor (the space) on which a clock (time) is placed. I hope that I have conveyed the essence of ​​what I want to communicate, to intend.

I know, it may seem like a wild undertaking, more adept to confuse memory, than to assist it. However, from what little I have put into practice, I have found that the “method” … has a tendency to be truely effective!

Now it’s time to add a further obviousness: it is absolutely essential, in putting this technique into practice, to use the maximum amount of concentration, that is, we must not allow ourselves to be “deviated” by diverse thoughts. In practice, as one might say in jargon, one must remain on task. As for myself, I have a brain that has the ambitions of an “Autonomous State”, it is still a practice with some difficulties, but, as I repeat, dynamic memorization has a tendency to work. It is not, perhaps, a “precise” memorization, made up of the exact words of the topic heard, but certainly it is – it could be – a memorization of the concept. And this, in many cases, will more than suffice.


Il tilacino era un predatore alfa. Il predatore alfa è quello che si pone all’apice della catena alimentare, non avendo alcun predatore in natura, nel suo habitat. Il tilacino si è estinto negli anni ’30. L’uomo, grazie alla sua tecnologia, può vivere ovunque, può battere qualsiasi avversario nella catena alimentare. E’ il predatore Alfa per eccellenza, è il super-predatore….

The Thylacine was an alpha predator. The alpha predator is the one that stands at the top of the food chain, having no predator in nature, in its habitat. The Thylacine became extinct in the 30s. Man, thanks to his technology, can live anywhere, can beat any rival in the food chain. He is the Alpha predator par excellence, he is the super-predator….


“Oh, Java … heed, within a millennium we’ll reach self-healing. When chemistry no longer serves, ultimately superseded by energy … yes, Java, you’d do well discarding that sardonic smile! Always energy … It’ll surprise us, returned as an integral part, … returned to Being! Intuition and reason will couple, enveloped in infinite fractals … a different dimension of intelligence generated … thought, energy and thought, then more energy … Java, expansion … Remember? Electrons, matter, antimatter, … photons … protons, … benefiting from every particle … Java, your synapses are frozen … maybe you’ll need more than a millennium.”


“Oh, Java…ti dico che tra mille anni arriveremo all’autoguarigione. Quando la chimica a nulla più servirà e sarà finalmente superata dall’energia…sì, Java, e faresti bene a toglierti quel sorriso sardonico! Sempre energia… Essa ci sorprenderà, essa tornerà ad essere parte integrante, …essa tornerà ad Essere! Intuito e ragione si accoppieranno, si avvilupperanno in infiniti frattali… verrà generata una differente dimensione di intelligenza…pensiero, energia e pensiero e poi ancora energia… Java, l’espansione … non ricordi?  Elettroni, materia, antimateria, …fotoni… protoni, …saremo in grado di beneficiare di ogni particella…Java, le tue sinapsi sono congelate…forse a te occorrerà più di mille anni”

Forse più che un non-luogo (così la definizione di utopia di Tommaso Moro), potrebbe trattarsi di una non-condizione. Un non-luogo è, per l’appunto, un “qualcosa” che non c’è, non esiste; per questo motivo irraggiungibile. Mentre una non-condizione può apparire, non solo ai visionari, come un “qualcosa” di raggiungibile, possibile, una volta rimossa la “condizione” che ne impedisce …la visione e l’accesso. Stando a quanto sopra, a Utopia si potrebbe definitivamente sostituire il suffisso di origine greca οὐ (vuol dire Non) con l’altro suffisso εὖ (vuol dire Buono); foneticamente, tra l’altro, molto simili.
Insomma …un Buon-Luogo.
I visionari e i non visionari potrebbe, così, vedere la propria realtà non più come due “mondi” paralleli, destinati a mai incontrarsi, ma come un unico Mondo a divenire. Col solo cambiamento della Condizione.


ربما أكثر من أنها “ليست بمكان” (هكذا تعرّف أوتوبيا من قبل تومّازو مورو), من الممكن أن تعتبر “غير واقع”. “غير المكان” على وجه التحديد, هو عبارة عن شيء غير موجود, لا كينونة له؛ ولهذا السبب لا يمكن الوصول إليه. بينما “غير الواقع” قد يبدو, ليس فقط للواهمين, بمثابة “شيء” قابل للوصول, ممكن, فيما إذا تم التخلّص من “الظرف” الذي يمنع … الرؤية والتوصل.

إعتمادا على ما هو وارد أعلاه, على الكلمة “أوتوبيا” (Utopia) من الممكن بالتأكيد أن تستبدل اللاحقة من الأصل اليوناني ο   (بمعنى لا) بلاحقة أخرى ε (بمعنى جيد)؛ صوتيا, هي أيضا متشابهة جدا.

باختصار … مكان جيد.

الواهمون وغيرهم, بهذا الشكل, يستطيعون رؤية واقعهم ليس بمثابة “عالمين” متوازيين, لا إمكانية للقائهما, بل كعالم مستقبل واحد أفضل. مع تغيير الظرف فقط.

Opto per uno spazio allargato. Dopo vicoli, dedali e meandri, grovigli e anfratti, opto per un luogo ampio, infinito! Più nessuna compressione, opto per l’espansione! Oh, Java, antico amico mio: ho compreso il segreto “semplice” delle Piramidi! Sì, la semplicità della sua forma triangolare; una figura geometrica semplice che è destinata a donare all’uomo concetti complessi. La base della Piramide, confinata dentro i quattro elementi, non è altro che la rappresentazione della nostra amata Terra. Luogo dove noi ci affanniamo per avere non si sa bene cosa. L’espansione, Java, la diversità che converge verso un punto in comune, in alto.

I opt for an expanded space. After alleys, mazes and meanders, tangles and ravines, I opt for a large place, infinite! No more compression, I opt for expansion! Oh, Java, my old friend: I’ve understood the “simple” secret of the Pyramids! Yes, the simplicity of its triangular shape; a simple geometric figure that’s destined to give complex concepts to man. The Pyramid’s base, confined within four elements, is nothing but the representation of our beloved Earth. The place where we are struggling to have who knows what. The expansion, Java, the diversity that converges towards a common point, up high.

Quest’aria puzza! …posso chiudere la finestra, dottore?

Dio mio, ho un olfatto così potente…e solo di questo fastidiosissimo “potere” sembrerebbe che io sia stato dotato: avverto la puzza seppure questa dovesse provenire da migliaia e migliaia di kilometri di distanza. L’avverto sempre,…ovunque! …Adesso lo dico, …lo dico: dottore, sento continuamente tutte le scoregge del mondo! Ecco, l’ho detto! Non volevo essere così esplicito, …così rasoterra, dottore. Mi spiace…ed è una cosa che in realtà non risolvo col semplice chiudere la finestra, no. La chiudo così, istintivamente, di impulso…pur nella mia stabile consapevolezza che a nulla occorre… ma a volte …sento la necessità di illudermi…

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The biological envelope, Java … have you ever considered it? … Envelope, our body. Governed above all by our “earthly” mind. And, if instead, came principally governed by a different energy, a latent energy … like the Soul? Yes, Java … what would befall our body, would it benefit
physically? An astonishing energy, present by force in every living being … think of the jellyfish, so ethereal, composed from 98% water, the remainder, organic material … then enough? No, Java … it’s banal, you must love your Soul … never betray it, never demean! The envelope, Java … our envelope

L’involucro biologico, Java…ci hai mai pensato? … involucro, il nostro corpo. Esso è soprattutto governato dalla nostra mente “terrena”. E se venisse invece, e principalmente, governato da una differente energia, una energia latente …come l’Anima? Sì, Java …e cosa accadrebbe al nostro corpo, ne gioverebbe fisicamente? Essa è una energia sorprendente, presente per forza in ogni essere vivente …pensa alla medusa, così eterea, composta per il 98% di acqua e la restante parte da materiale organico …e poi basta? No, Java… è banale, ma devi volere bene alla tua Anima …non tradirla, non male-dire! L’involucro, Java…il nostro involucro.

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